Well, the Weekend won this round.  I must confess that waking up to a snow covered car and lawn in April is not the most energy inspiring sight to see.  This weekend I had the Blahs.  There is no other way to say it.  I made progress in the early part of the week and let things slide this weekend.

The good news is that I have another three day work week ahead of me, and will be very busy next weekend.  I will be writing the next Weekend Warrior in draft mode all week in order to have it be published bright and early next Saturday morning.

I am promising you now that there will be pictures next weekend.  I am promising myself, also.  Because the bottom line is, I need to set goals and achieve them in order to move forward in this battle.  I know that, and you know that if you are reading.

This past week I cleared the table and lost it again.  I moved around the items from their old storage places to try and configure a more organized storage solution for my kitchen items.  I discovered that the plastic tablecloth protector I purchased was way too big, but decided that I will cut it to fit the table with and also without the leaf in it so that I can cover the table and protect the tablecloth fully, either way. I absolutely did make progress, and it is progress that I can be happy with.

I also wrote a new piece of fiction on my medium page.  I wrote about a fictional conversation that I would like to have with Mother Nature about the lingering effects of winter.  If you would like to read it, you can follow this link:

Fictional Conversations: Tea Time With Mother Nature

So although I didn’t quite make the amount of progress in the kitchen I wanted to this past weekend, I was busy with other projects, and sometimes that is what you have to do. I hope you had a productive weekend, and most of all, I hope it was fun!