Welcome to the Boutique

“Writing is my purpose. Creativity is my passion. Jewellery Designing is my pleasure.”

 If you are new to Tish MacWebber Always Blinging…or if you have been watching her grow this business for a while, you are in for a treat! Specializing in custom orders, she loves to spend hours amidst a sparkling array of beading supplies. Tish looks at the beading adventure as the accessory to her writing journey. Every project comes right from her heart, and there are times when she surprises herself with what she creates! 


Featured Products

Tish MacWebber Always Blinging…is excited to share her own original designs. This month features Book Bling. It is a line of jewellery, her Cat Tales Collection, which was launched shortly after she published her first book, From Where I am Sitting…A Collection of Cat Tales, she designed the purrfect necklace to accessorize with. This unique, whimsical piece of jewellery dangles from a black cotton cord and can double as a cat toy. If you choose to use it as a cat toy, Tish MacWebber is not responsible for any injuries related to this, but will totally claim responsibility for the fun you both have!

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