Weekend Warrior is being written a little late this week. I had some things going on this past week that kept me from writing my regular story on time. So on Saturday, it was all about the go, go, go! And on Sunday, it was totally about the Stop!

I got up early on Saturday. I had to go with my husband as he worked, and I wanted the car. I went out to Chapters with my laptop to meet a friend. She has a Costco Membership, and on my journey into the land of progressive lenses, I am also having fun shopping around for new glasses. I had about 8 pairs that I tried on for pics. I always put a strange pair in, just for fun! The pair that was the most liked in the store was not picked by any of the lovely people that took the time to comment on the pics of me in the different frames. Go figure.

I decided to go to church Saturday afternoon. So I came home, had a really light lunch, and went back out the door again. I came home after church with the intention of getting some chores done here and got distracted by the computer.  When you are working on your social platform, that happens. I am continually distracted by this, that and the other thing.

And then it was time to go get my husband after work.

It had been snowing all day. I was all over town, in and out of my home. When it was time to make my last trip for the day, the snowplough had gone by. Winter in Canada involves snow. Sometimes, lots of snow. We didn’t get that much all day. Except at the end of my driveway when I was ready to go. I was a half an hour late. I planned to leave a half an hour early. Then I had a wall of snow in my way.

I prefer the scoop. It moves more snow faster Maybe next winter we will have a snow blower. I hope so. Today was the one year anniversary of the massive 80 cm snowfall in 2017. I am so glad there was no repeat. *knocks on wood*.

Saturday was a full, busy day. Then on Sunday, I did very little. At this time of year, I rest more. I took a nap. I chatted with a friend. I relaxed. I started panicking about not writing Thursday. I knew I would write the stories, but not when. Sometimes the ideas are right there, and other times I need to brew them a little longer.

So this weekend was a balance of energy. That means I call this past weekend a draw.

What did you do this past weekend? Do you have plans for next weekend? Let me know in the comments. 🙂