Today started with  Scotch Lick and grab and go.  I had scheduled my morning to help a friend look into setting up her own blog.  I am in no way an expert at blogging, and I don’t claim to be.  But as a few friends helped me get this Blog up and running, I decided to pay it forward.

It was really neat to see someone else put their own creativity into action!  We started with some basic conversation, and she figured things out.  She has some work left to do and is capable enough with her own experience and training to move forward on her own.  I am only a message away if she needs any more help.

I am fighting to stay awake.  Waiting to find out the plans for the evening.  If it is a Game night, I will have to start preparing snacks and get done what I can here in the meantime.  If it ends up being a guys gaming night, I will work on the cleaning challenge.  Either way, I will be busy.  I have the kitchen to clean, a grocery list to make, and general cleaning to do.

I have had 2 cups of coffee with breakfast.  I am having a sugar free vanilla iced coffee now.  I AM STILL TIRED!  So I have cranked the tunes and will make 1 more coffee.  Soon it will be too late to have any more coffee, but if I am busy enough, I can still tire myself out enough to sleep tonight.  I need the help today.  I am a night owl with a day job.  So I tend to be more active in the evenings.  Sometimes a little too late.  I struggle with it, but my health is better with the 9-5 schedule, so I try to go to bed early when I need to.  Sometimes I even make it to bed early.  Not on the weekends, though.  That is the problem I am having right now.  So I am going to make 1 more coffee.  A power snooze might have to happen, though.  When my body wants sleep this desperately, I have to consider if it is necessary or not.  A power nap may just what I need, followed by that one more cup of coffee.  Then I’ll head into the kitchen, and unload that dishwasher, that I ran last night.  I need to focus, and that is a good place to start.

Had the nap.  Never found any energy.  I have spent some time on Linked In today.  It was time for an update, and it is another way to share this Blog.  I am disappointed that I did not get more accomplished around the house today, but the networking has to be worked on also.

My Linked In Profile

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with possibilities.  And a new To Do List!  Enjoy your weekend!