Makeup Monday |My Spring 2019 Look After The Votes Are In!

Makeup Monday |My Spring 2019 Look After The Votes Are In!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a Makeup Monday blog, to get your opinions on what I should assemble for My Spring 2019 Look. I sent out a request for people to vote on eye shadow and nail polish. Here are the choices.

Makeup Monday Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art
Makeup Monday Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art
Makeup Monday Nailpolish Details
Makeup Monday Nailpolish Details

The votes are in!

First, I want to tell you about the other products I will be wearing. I bought a new foundation, a new mascara, and a new lipstick. They are going to complete the look.

Most of the products in the picture have been used before, however, I am sharing a comprehensive list for you. Since there were 2 ties, one for each survey, I got to choose between them. The next Makeup Monday is already being planned…and you can expect to see more new products with the other winning votes on May 20th, two weeks from now. (EDIT: It will be on May 27th, I was not able to get it completed by May 20th). I may be out of new makeup to try after the next Makeup Monday for a while, but I will write more in the future. Make sure you keep watching for new blogs like this in the future.

The List of Products

  • 1 Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller
  • 2 Vichy Aqua Thermal Light Moisturizer
  • 3 Clinique Cheek/ Blush Pop 01 Ginger Pop
  • 4 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour 172 Rose Bold WINNER
  • 5 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon Top Coat 2700-95 Nude WINNER
  • 6 Purple Blending Sponge
  • 7 Blush Brush
  • 8 Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art 090 Burnished Bling WINNER
  • 9 Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner Expresso
  • 10 Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara
  • 11 Bourjois Paris BB Gloss 02
  • 12 Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation 110 Porcelain
  • 13 Essence Eyeshadow Base Primer
  • 14 Concealer Brush
  • 15 NYX Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

I often wear lip stain, but for today’s spring look, a tinted gloss is just perfect. The only issue with gloss is reapplication, and it is not something I want to have to worry about all the time. For this look, it works. In these first two pics, I am reflecting on the new Spring Look for 2019.

I now have a dilemma.

With the new pics, I will have to choose which one to use as my new profile pic, and which one to use on my Instagram Account.

I am happy with the new foundation. It went on smooth with the blending sponge. The colour suits my skin tone. I am trying this mascara for the first time. I love the brush shape. The mascara is a little flaky, so it will not be my first choice.

Here is the winning manicure picture.

Makeup Monday Spring Look 2019 Nails
Makeup Monday Spring Look 2019 Nails

There it is! I have fun learning about makeup, and sharing my adventures here. Remember, there is a new one coming in 3 weeks, on May 27th, with my other new look for spring 2019. Got to love a double tie!

What do you think of this look? Please let me know in the comments below.


Makeup Monday |My Spring 2019 Look After The Votes Are In!

Makeup Monday Spring 2019 Eyes and Nails

It is with great pleasure that I am sharing my newest Makeup Monday Spring 2019 Eyes and Nails blog post with you all. A while ago, I had this idea when a friend recommended a product. While I was planning this post, the idea grew with the addition of more products. As a result, before I knew it, I was going to need time to gather a large number of pics to share this idea here. Let’s get to it!

One reason I kept delaying this post was that I needed to take close-up pics of my eyes.

I love my blue eyes, however, I don’t love the lines and bags under them. So one of the first products I added to the list was the Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Eyes Anti-Puff Eye Roller. It claims to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. Brightens and refreshes with Vitamin C, Caffeine and an Antioxidant Complex. Since I am already using the Garnier Skinactive Micellar Water makeup remover for my eyes, when I don’t use the Vichy eye makeup remover, I am trying this eye roller product also.

It is recommended to keep this product in the fridge, so into the drawer it went with my insulin. I keep it in the box, to keep it from rolling around in there too much. The product says when you use it on a regular basis, more benefits will be seen. At this time I have used it twice. Since using it, I am not sure if it is helping or not. Let me know in the comments what you think about it.

Products used. In this pic, note #7 product and the pic of me. I have applied it under my right eye, where the #7 is. #6 is the eye shadow base coat or primer by essence, applied before the eye shadows 1-5 above.

Revlon Photoready Eye Art

I had seen my friend apply this product while we were at work, and I tried to pay attention. She has had a lot more practice than I have had with it. The amount of products I am testing in this Makeup Monday Spring 2019 Eye and Nails post required quantity over quality. Don’t worry, in 2 weeks I am going to write another one based on the votes from this week’s post. It will be a quality based post, for a final look, voted on by you! I really do have a plan here, and it took a while to think it all up before I was able to take action.

I have the pic below ready with the colours numbered as above, 1-5. Here are the product colours and numbers.

  • 1 Burnished Bling – 090
  • 2 Green Glimmer – 010
  • 3 Peach Prism – 060
  • 4 Steel Spark – 110
  • 5 Lilac Luster 020
My pyramid of eye shadow trials.
My pyramid of eye shadow trials.

I love the way it makes my eyes sparkle!

These pics show the base coat and the sparkle paint on top. Using my ring fingers to smooth out the essence primer and the base colour eye shadows was recommended from the videos I watched. I used the brush to apply the sparkle. I watched some YouTube videos and gave it a go. The top pics were taken on a different day, and the bottom 8 pics were all taken today. My eyes are tired, but I learned a valuable tip while watching the videos. Sephora makeup videos have a lot of useful information in them, and they recommend to hold the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover on your lid for 30 seconds before wiping the eye makeup off. I have not tried this with full eye makeup on, no mascara or eyeliner, but it worked really well to remove this product.

Sorry 4 & 5 are out of order in the first pic, I hope it doesn’t confuse anyone!

My friend doesn’t use the base coat, just the sparkles. I like using both and learned to let it dry between applications. If it is on for more than a few hours, my eyelids feel heavy, and after a while, I need to take it off. I would totally wear it for a photo shoot or a night out on the town. I mean, it is sparkly eyes!

Time for a little polish

Since I had 5 different colours of eyeshadow to try, I thought it would be fun to do my nails to match…you guessed it…all 5 colours! I know there are trends in nail art, and I don’t necessarily follow or understand them all.

As an author, I find it adds something to my day spent typing away at the keyboard if my nails are sporting polish. It makes the typing seem more important, more professional, and makes me smile when I see the colours flashing on the keys.

Here is the description pic for the nailpolish. As I am displaying fingers from both hands in this set, my husband was recruited to take these pics. He did a great job, and we didn’t even need any retakes!

Makeup Monday Nail Polish Details
Makeup Monday Nail Polish Details

As you can see I had fun with this too. With the Wet ‘n’ Wild sparkles on my right hand, I am giving my own spin to a nail polish trend. Who knows, maybe it will catch on!

The last pic shows the nail polish bottles, and my hands all polished up. It was a lot of fun to work on this blog post, and I look forward to using these products over the spring and summer.

Makeup Monday Pretty Polish for Spring 2019!
Makeup Monday Pretty Polish for Spring 2019!

Now I need your help, please!

I am planning another Makeup Monday blog in 2 weeks to try out some more ( I used points to get as much as I could!) makeup out. Since I now have so many choices, I would love to know what look you want to see me put together for this post. I am going to create a poll for people to vote on below. There will be one for eyes and a separate one for nails. What do you want to see for my new spring look?

Help me to choose by filling out the following 2 surveys.

Revlon Photoready Eye Art Colour Choices


What colour should I choose for my spring manicure?

I am asking for emails just for my own curiosity. I am not planning to send any emails out to the participants of this quiz. It is just for fun! Please help me choose the colours for my next Makeup Monday Blog post. Deadline is next Monday, May 29th at midnight in my time zone. 1 hour ahead of EST. The next Makeup Monday will be ready on Monday May 6th! I look forward to completing my spring look with your help!

Makeup Monday #3 I’ve got my Eyes on the Prize

Makeup Monday #3 I’ve got my Eyes on the Prize

In this, the third Makeup Monday, I’ve got my eyes on the prize. I have been dabbling a little in make-up, and thinking about a new hairstyle. Oh, and now I have new glasses to work with. I am really liking them!

I tried to do my hair Saturday, and it did not cooperate. I want to try the beach hairstyle. If you google it, you will know what I mean. It was not meant to be. I might try one more time. But it didn’t happen this time. I made it work.

I am trying to learn a new eyeshadow and eye makeup technique. I have made a friend that sells Younique, and I have been watching her videos. I saw one that I want to share here so that you can see the look I am going for. Stacey gave me permission to link to her video here.

Stacey Killam’s Eyeshadow Palette video.

I am not using her makeup, but I wanted to try out the technique. After purging my makeup last year, I have 3 palettes with 4 colours in them. I have 2 eyes. I decided to wear the same palette on both eyes Saturday night, and today after work, I used the other two, one for each eye. As I am testing mascaras out, I used 3 different mascaras also.

Eye Makeup

Top: Maybelline Mocha Motion palette, L’Oreal Blackest Black Voluminous Butterfly Effectwaterproof mascara, with Marcelle Expresso Waterproof Eyeliner. Bottom: left Revlon Illuminance Wild Orchids Creme Shadow, Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara, center worn on both eyes, essence Gel eye pencil waterproof gunmetal eyeliner, and on the right, Lancome Colour Design Sensational effects eyeshadow and essence Lash Princess False Lash effect mascara.

Saturday’s look was the full makeup, and the lipstick was actually applied after I grabbed the pics. Here is a collage of before and after.

I was happy with the look, although I don’t see the depth of colours after I blend the eyeshadows.  It is the top makeup the picture above.

Today I just did the eyes. The left is the purples, and the right is the Sensational Effects Eyeshadow Palette.

2 Different eyes, 2 different looks.

2 Different eyes, 2 different looks.

What I learned is that I do not know how to make the ‘v’ or the ‘7’ properly yet. The essence mascara is sticky. The Loreal mascara from Saturday looks great, and although the brush is weird, it did an okay job.

I don’t know how to get the colours on properly, and the creme eyeshadows I applied with my fingers. Then I tried the blending brush, but I really don’t know if I was supposed to or if I should blend with my fingers, or not at all.

Makeup is fun. I will keep playing. I will do something different for next month.



Makeup Monday #2

Makeup Monday #2

Okay. I said I wasn’t going to write in this category every week. I still stand by that, but today I had some free time, a new dress to wear, and that led to me playing with makeup today.

First of all, I am wearing the dress I bought during Black Friday 2017 that I had to take home after I tried it on. I love it.

My new Navy Dress

My new navy dress

I love it so much I want to wear it for my Author Headshots, whenever I plan that day. I thought it would be warmer, being a knit dress, though. I will be changing in a bit to work in the kitchen, and I will hang it up for another day.

A tale of 2 lipsticks is what I am sharing today. A lot of you liked the pink one last time. I have worn that same pink, and also tried a bronzer and a different blush today. I used the Maybelline Expert Wear Mocha Motion eyeshadow palette. I did not use the shadow eyeliner. I used the essence one I used last time, and I also used the same Maybelline Mascara.

I watched some videos on the contour NYX palette I have. I learned to use salmon pink under my eyes. I also used green for red tones under my foundation. I used a little of the bottom left concealer on my forehead also.

Then I added Annabelle Perfect Bronze in Sunkissed after blending the colour correcting pink & green and then applying the QUO foundation I used last time. I then chose a pinker blush, by Maybelline. It is called Dream Bouncy Blush, and the colour is 45 Orchid Hush. It is more natural than my new winter blush I wore the last time.

SO I used the pink lipstick on the left side of the pic below, Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick (ZZ). The right is Lip Lingerie, by NYX. The colour is Lipli20 French Maid, and I was told when I bought it that it was one of the most popular colours. It is a less bold colour, so it is even a more natural look for me than the pink.

I am going to share the pics below, and then you can see the tale of 2 lipsticks for yourself.  Which one looks more like a best selling Author look to you? I have not purchased my new glasses yet.

If you have a preference, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing with makeup. I do.

A Tale of 2 lipsticks



Makeup Monday #2

Makeup Monday #1

Tish's Organized Cosmetics Counter

Tish’s Organized Cosmetics Counter

When I post on social media about makeup, my wall literally blows up. People have thoughts, comments, and advice about makeup. I have recently purged my makeup, and have been adding to the collection that you see in the pic above even more since then. I have been using Shoppers Optimum Points to help me do this because, on a day like Black Friday, I got my purchases for half price because I cashed in the points to do it.  That adds up to more product coming home, and less planning for the budget. Win-win!

The last time I wrote about makeup, I was asked if I had a favourite red lipstick. The answer is still no, but I did buy one on sale to try out. I have been busy with social media this weekend, asking about the two looks I created for this post. I will share the pics below and list what I used for each one so that you can look for any of the products I used if you want to try them for yourself.

Saturday I want for Drama. I am wearing a black sparkly sweater and red lipstick. I styled my hair instead of letting it dry on its own, and picked a new mascara.

Here is what Saturday’s look turned into:

Saturday December 16th Makeup Selfie

Saturday, December 16th Makeup Selfie

Admittedly, I see now that it is a little less focused and I should have kept snapping until I got a better pic.

Here is the list of products that I used, in the order, that I used them in:

1: Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel
2: Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner
3: Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask ( This is only used twice a week, and rinsed off after 2 minutes)
4: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream (Moisturizer)
5: Quo Satin Face Pressed Powder Nude colour
6: NYX Colour Correcting Concealer Palette (yellow under my eyes, the pink beside the purple for concealer)
7: Lancome Colour Design, Sensational Effects Eye Shadow (Impress & Avant Gold, the 2 on the left in the product pic below)
8: Top Lid Eyeliner: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (604 Milk)
9: Lower Eyeliner Essence Gel Waterproof Eye Pencil (05 Gunmetal)
10: Maybelline Lash Sensational Full fan effect Waterproof Mascara Black (P70001)
11: Clinique Blush Pop (Ginger Pop)
12: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick (714)

I used some of the same products on Sunday. Here is my Sunday look:

Sunday December 17th Makeup Selfie

Sunday, December 17th Makeup Selfie

My hair is also differently styled. This pic is clearer, but my smile is not as nice.
Here is the list of Sunday’s Makeup application:

1: Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel
2: Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner
3: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Cream (Moisturizer)
4: Quo Satin Face Pressed Powder Nude colour
5: NYX Colour Correcting Concealer Palette (yellow under my eyes, the pink beside the purple for concealer, green for red skin tones)
6: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Wild Orchids (the bottom 2 in the product pic below)
7: NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker for eyeliner
8: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara (Black – AAAFB)
9: Clinique Blush Pop (Ginger Pop)
10: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick (ZZ)

On both days, I used 2 cleansers to remove the makeup, and then I used the toner and light cream moisturizer listed above. I used the Vichy Purite Thermale Soothing Eye Makeup Remover for just my eyes. I found a makeup remover since I bought that one that’s safe for eyes and lips. I really like it. It’s Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover. It is for normal and sensitive skin and removes waterproof makeup. It is oil, alcohol and fragrance-free. It has to be shaken before each use.
I have two more pics to share here.

Product Picture

Product Picture: The Makeup I used this weekend.

Then I went to my favourite editing program, canva, and made a final picture for my weekend of makeup fun. I need to get more used to wearing makeup as I will be needing it for Book Tours and Author Headshot pictures. There is a goal, but it is also fun!

When I shared my edited side by side picture, I asked on my Facebook wall which picture they liked better, and why. I had an overwhelming response, and the landslide winner was the one in the purple shirt.

Pick your favourite look!

Pick your favourite look!

I got some valuable advice, as always, from my fellow makeup lovers. The hair and smile on the left are more liked. The blurriness and red lipstick are not. I was advised to find a different shade of red lipstick. The hunt will continue.
I got quite a few nice compliments on Saturday, before Sunday’s pic was posted.
One person said the blush was too harsh. It is a darker colour of blush, but I wanted a pop of colour for the winter. I think I may need to find a different blush to go with the pink lipstick, and also that I may need to blend it in better, with less applied next time. The Sunday pic was described as looking more like me, and that my eyes pop in this one. People said it was the purple, but I also know that the lady at Shoppers told me that this pink lipstick will make my eyes pop too.

I tried on new glasses this past week. I have not ordered them yet. I may shop around. I can’t wait too long, as I do need them, but if I can find the right look for the right price, I will be ordering them as soon as possible. I have had these glasses for more than 2 years, and I actually enjoy shopping for new glasses because it is like a mini makeover for me every couple of years. I have narrowed it down to 2 frames in the first store I went to. I will try a few different locations and hopefully have a friend join me on the next day I go out. It is hard to do when you have to look really close in the mirror. The last time I had contacts put in just to shop with, and that was a remarkable experience. Now that I am going to be needing progressive lenses it is not a real option anymore. I will stick to glasses, and then I will be able to have more makeup fun when I have the new glasses to complete the look.

Which look do you prefer, and why? If you haven’t commented on my facebook wall, feel free to comment below. I agree that I like the hair and smile better on Saturday’s look, but the Sunday look is more natural for me. I would wear the Sunday look again for a more dramatic look, but I guess I am still hunting for my next favourite red lipstick. I hope you enjoyed this article, and am open to feedback. 😉