Why I Cry

Why I Cry


Copyright ©2016 Tish MacWebber

All rights reserved



My tears

Build up inside of me

When they leak out

They let my emotions free


My tears

Are the only way I release

They come right from my spirit

They are a part of me


Anger hate frustration

Buried in my soul

Bottled up inside until

I let myself let go

That’s why I cry

That’s why I cry


My tears

They make me feel better

They don’t mean I am weak

So my cheeks just get wetter


My tears

I fight them every day

But sometimes I lose that battle

And they help me find my way


All of my emotions

Build inside my heart

Sometimes I need to let them out

So when you see me start

That’s why I cry

That’s why I cry

Just let me cry

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