What Is It Worth?

What Is It Worth?

Copyright ©2016 Tish MacWebber

All rights reserved



I am the way I am

And only  I can change that

You are pushing me to misery

That’s a matter of fact

I know what you’re trying to do

And it’s not going to work

If you don’t cut me a little slack

I’ll dig my heels in the dirt


Your friendship means the world to me

But we don’t see eye to eye

Our different personalities

Are causing sparks to fly

We both see things so differently

It’s just the way we are

You can hurt my feelings with simple words

That cause  a deep scar


Now I don’t want to go on like this

I hate this mental tug of war

I’m fighting with myself and you

And I can’t take it anymore

So I try to pick my battles

And to avoid emotional land mines

What I need is your  encouragement

Not to be alone crying all the time


How are we going to fix it

Keep our friendship going strong

We’ll have to have a heart to heart

You’ll have to hear this song

We need to give each other credit

When the balance is due

And stop withdrawing only debits

The bank of feelings is overdue


You haven’t seen this side of me

I don’t like to get mad

But when I do I blow my top

The aftermath makes me sad

If we don’t find a solution

I fear this will be the end

Talking is a good place to start

A way to heal and mend


I am good enough

I am doing alright

I am pushing myself

With all of my might

Can we sit down and talk

I need to get this all out

If I don’t  then I will  have to walk

Away without a doubt