This is a place for me to make a splash by writing books and lyrics. This is your invitation to my home on the web where I sharpen my creative writing skills and work towards my goals: writing a fantasy trilogy and collaborating with musicians to one day hear my song lyrics on the radio.

Trust Your Gut is a series I am writing about my own issues with weight.  Other people can and will be able to share their stories here. #TrustYourGutThursday #TYGT

Weekend Warrior is a series about me versus the weekend.  Most weekends I win, but sometimes the weekend sneaks one over on me.

Tish-isms are unique little stories about things I just think up to write about. I also write about Zumba, Writing, Events and various other topics, which are listed in the Categories section of the Blog.

Welcome to my page, I hope to see you often.