One day, I watched an inspirational video that stuck with me. I thought about the message, and have been saying for years that I want to get my songs out of my head and onto the radio.  This is a place for me to do that.  I want to collaborate with musicians and make this happen, so I am sharing my lyrics here for people to see.  Each one gets its own page, and this section may go through slow times between posts, as I don’t like to force the lyrics, I write about what I am feeling when inspiration strikes!

You can view my lyrics  by clicking on any of the following links:

Love At First Sight

You’re My Best Friend

Why I Cry

Why She Cries

He Looked At Her Funny

Just Keep On Smiling


How Much Time?

It Should Have Been, But It Wasn’t

Will You Promise Me Forever?


You’d Better Watch Out For The Girls From St. Rose

Hard On My Head

Blind Spot

The Wild Cape Breton Rose

Heart On My Sleeve

What Is It Worth?

Tomorrow I’ll Be Fine

Winter Blues

Winter in the Maritimes