Tish MacWebber is from Cape Breton, and very proud of that.  She loves the beach and misses the ocean when she is away from home for too long.  Living in New Brunswick, Canada, she dabbles in all things creative.  This includes a love for creative writing, and she’s been writing lyrics since high school.  She enjoys writing and has kept journals in the past.  Writing is therapeutic.  Working through different emotions when writing, sometimes that is a source of a song lyric.  Other times a line repeats in her mind, and that is where it all starts.  Tish has taken 2 different song writing courses.  One was completed locally at UNB in the spring of 2011 with a song being written as a final project for that course.

In 2013, Tish took a free online course through coursera and Berklee College of Music.  It was a songwriting course, and Pat Pattison was the instructor.  This was a little more challenging because it taught a different style of writing a song.  Instead of writing whatever popped into her head, the approach was to start with a concept.  Then make lists of words that rhyme to use as a way to build the song.  It didn’t flow like most of her songs did, but a complete song was the final result of that course.  That was a harder project than expected; because the incomplete song written in the middle of the course was another one that was flowing while it was being worked on, and the final project felt more forced out.

The songs here may someday be Tish’s first book when there are enough to put into a book.

A fan of reading fantasy, some science fiction, and a small amount of romance, Tish has a list of favourite authors, but there are too many to list here. Writing a fantasy trilogy is a goal, and ideas for that are in progress. Writing is something that improves over time, and this is a place for just that.

Tish also enjoys cross stitching and beadwork.  She can knit and crochet.  She likes taking pictures but is not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination.   A singing voice is not something she can share her lyrics with. Singing with the radio or other music happens when she is alone.

Thinking in circles and jumping from one thought to the other happens frequently.  In the same way,  Tish works on crafts.  She will pick one up, and then have to change what she is working on for various reasons, and then get back at it when she is able to.  Some projects get finished, some are ongoing. Some people have shared the observation that Tish is random.  When she then explains her train of thoughts and connects the dots for them, it confuses them even more.  The way her brain works does confuse others, but she always knows exactly what causes the random thoughts to form and jump in all those seemingly different directions.  Always thinking…

Thoughts, observations, and experiences from life will be shared here in the Blog section. The Lyrics will never be finished because that next inspiration can start an earworm at any time. Copied from yourdictionary.com,  “The definition of an earworm is a bit of music that stays in your head.”  That is exactly how the majority of Tish’s song lyrics are created.  Hearing what it should sound like while writing the words.  Other people find earworms annoying.  In this case, they are very helpful to the creative process.

Turning a hobby into a self-sufficient business is another goal,  but for now, Tish’s Treasures is a part time adventure in creativity.  There is a facebook page for Tish’s Treasures, and I am adding a link below in the comments; if you want to check it out.

The first goal is to get this page ready to share with the world and get Tish’s lyrics out of her head and on to the radio.  So, if you are reading this, and you see something you want to record, send Tish a  message because she is actively seeking musicians to collaborate with for one or all of the songs.

Thanks for checking this out!   If you choose to leave a comment, Tish will be reading.  Constructive criticism is welcome, and negativity will be ignored if there is no positive outcome from it. So if you are trolling, keep on scrolling, this is not the place for you.  Tish genuinely writes from the heart and believes that someone, somewhere will be inspired to work with her and make these dreams a reality.

Tish MacWebber

Writer of Words