Welcome to my website.   What do you need to know right away? I have been blogging since November 2016 on a different page. If you followed me here from my old Blog at  https://tishmacwebber.wordpress.com, then you are in the right place. If you are new to me and my blogging then you have some serious catching up to do.

I promise; you can take as long as you need to, and it will not be without pops of flavour. If you were to look at the website as a five-course meal, this would be your breakdown.

Bling is the Soup. It is hearty and warm, with bits of goodness inside. Here is where you will find the beginnings of the creativity for this adventure. When it is all stirred up, it will hold handmade samples of my beadwork with stories about the pieces. It will also have steaming makeup reviews, and tempting fashion finds.

Blog is the appetizer. It has samples of writing in different categories, just for a taste of my writing style. Once you take a look, it might be hard to stop after a sample.

Books are the Salad. They are the healthy portion of the website, with the most wholesome fresh section. Filled with vibrant words and crunchy bits to sink your teeth into. Sometimes a salad, like a book, can stand alone. Other times, like when I am writing my fantasy trilogy, there will be layered textures to compliment each other. Other than the dressing to toss the salad in, I always find a way to put something a little unexpected in my writing. There is more than a sprinkle of surprises to be found in my books.

Boutique is the main course. It is the bread and butter of the website. Here you will find the Treasures that I create that you can take home with you. Whether it is the pasta, beef or poultry you want to find on your plate, there will be a book for every taste. The side dishes may be things that relate to the books, what they will be will be revealed in time. When you look for that little hint of delicate spice, my handmade beaded jewellery will satisfy that desired taste.

Bonus. Isn’t that what dessert is supposed to be? That little sweet treat to put the final touch on your dining experience. To start, this section will be the home for my lyrics, and any poetry that I write. I am not going to define it other than a place for the extras that don’t fit in the other places. The thing I have learned while writing my blog stories is that they fill the hungry passion I have inside. By sharing my writing with the world, I can fill your heart and imagination with what you are craving.

Whether you choose to pair your meal with water or wine, coffee or tea, one thing you will learn as you visit this website time and again, is that it is full of surprises, just like me. Although I may share healthy recipe ideas from time to time in Trust your Gut, here is the first surprise for the new reader. This is NOT a food blog. There is so much more here to discover. Check out the menu while you are here. In this case, if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, there won’t be any indigestion.

Happy reading, and Bon Appetit!

Table Setting Candlesticks Wine glasses, yellow roses to match the yellow rose pattern on the plate.

Table Setting

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