Tomorrow I'll Be Fine

Tomorrow I’ll Be Fine

Copyright ©2016 Tish MacWebber

All rights reserved



I guess I’ve reached my limit

Of things that get me down

Can’t run or hide I’m in it

If I keep it in I’ll drown

Sometimes I have to feel

What’s in my heart and in my mind

But when tomorrow comes

I’ll put  on my smile

And say that I am fine


Another disappointment

They add up over the years

One piled upon the others

Oh put it over here

You see me happy on the outside

Unless you get too close

If I let you in

You’ll see it all

What I try to hide the most


But I’m not fine

No I am not OK

Nobody can fix this

Why are you asking anyway

I have to keep my guard up

It’s my only defense

I don’t know how to explain this

What I feel doesn’t make sense


So for today

I’m going to let it all out

I’ll have my moment

Think what it’s all about

Because tomorrow

Will be another day

After I let myself feel

I can begin to heal

And pack it all away


Tomorrow I’ll be fine

Tomorrow I’ll be OK

Today I am a mess

So look the other way

I need more than a minute

I need this time to deal

I was unaware

And so not prepared

For when things just got too real


Tomorrow I’ll be fine

I’ll be OK

Tomorrow I’ll be fine