Weekend Warrior #61 It is time to Catch Up!

Weekend Warrior #61 It is time to Catch Up!

Hello, Weekend Warrior fans! It is time to catch up. It seems like I blinked and a month went by. I have been busy. I will go over some highlights from the last month. This way it will be organized, and it will be like we are catching up after a break. ūüėČ

Four weeks ago I was invited to a Jack & Jill bridal shower. It was for a couple that I met at work. They no longer work with me, but the friendship has continued. My husband & I introduced them to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. We taught them the basics, and they formed their own gaming group. Every once in a while we get together, and it is always fun to hang out.

My friend and I were both invited, so we planned to go together. We planned some Bachelorette style gifts, as neither of us really knew what to get, and we wanted to bring fun presents. The bride to be had told me once she wanted to host a passion party. If you know what that is ūüėČ then you know the gifts were couple related. I will say that I did get them some dice, but they are not for D&D.

Off we went way out to the Boonies to a place I had never been before. The bride¬†to be wanted to know if I needed directions. I googled it. I knew what highway and what¬†house number. It was about 40 minutes outside of the city, at her parents’ place.

It was a potluck. I brought cheese and crackers. I also brought a “deconstructed” which means build your own taco salad. My friend is a vegetarian. This way he could have the salad without the meat. We ate, and then they opened the gifts. There were a lot of nice gifts. The gifts my friend and I brought definitely stood out, and were memorable. ūüėČ

We then took pics with the couple and headed home. I found in the last 3 weeks with so much social activity on Saturdays, I was really tired on Sundays. Other than Happy Writing Chat on Twitter & Facebook, I did very little and rested up.

The second weekend was a lot of fun. The Bride to be extended an invitation to go to the Bachelorette party. I have not had a lot of invitations of this sort, which made me decide that I really should go. I asked my friend if he was going to join us, and he agreed it would be fun. So we met at the gaming venue downtown. It is called Unplugged, and it is a place to go play board games. There is a $5 cover, and they have a limited snack/light meal menu. As it was the first stop of the evening, I opted in for Mozza¬†sticks. I will vouch for them having the second best Mozza¬†sticks in the city, right after Houlie’s¬†Pub. The Mozza¬†sticks there are amazing.

We played a game called red flag. The idea of it was to take 2 white cards to make a dream date description for whoever’s turn it was. The second round was to place a “Red Flag” card, which was something that was not a desirable trait. Things like he rescued an animal on tv, owns a unicorn or looks like Ryan Reynolds were examples of white cards. The only two red cards I remember involved swiping through tinder amidst intimate relations, to put it politely and the other one I remember was a hoot. Compulsively licks doorknobs. Hilarious. We had enough people there that once we all had a turn, it was time to go to the second stop of the night.

I really wanted to try Unicorn Lemonade at Boston Pizza. That ended up being where we went. I had the regular, non-spiked version, as I was driving until I went and picked up the hubby after work. I ordered the salmon dinner, and some people had food, some just drinks. When I had finished eating and had 2 Unicorn Lemonades, I snuck off to get to get Roy from work, so I could pass off the keys and have a few drinks with the ladies. I do not drink and drive. Ever.

I had some draft at the start. I really liked it. Black Horse Premium Lager is a good glass of draft. I had 2. It is brewed in Newfoundland. I then got my favourite cocktail. I like to have a Long Island Iced Tea when I am out having some social drinks. I had 2 of those, as well. I got invited to have some shooters with the ladies, and I was game. I kept up pretty good for being a decade older than most of the gang. We went to Dooly’s. It is a pool hall. It was close to Boston Pizza, so that also worked in our favour for the floating party.

We played a few theme games, had novelty straws and pins. We even got tattoos. LOL, the temporary kind. I got the one that said, “Bride Tribe”. It was gold¬†and stayed on for almost a week. One of the bar staff joined us and got a tattoo. I then fist bumped with him for the rest of the evening. The next day I “confessed” to my husband about the tattoo. I got a look until I revealed it was a temporary one. I am full of surprises, and I think he might actually believe it by now.

We did more dancing than playing pool. There was a jukebox that someone picked really awesome music on before someone else changed it to hip hop. Different genres & generations happen everywhere. Another thing I noticed that set me apart from the generation of the rest of the party was the dancing. I didn’t grow up with access to music videos like the generation behind me. I was very entertained when they got together and they all knew the moves for the songs. I couldn’t match it, but it is fun to watch people dancing like they are in the music video.

My husband didn’t stay at the party, he had to work the next day. I was able to hitch a ride with one of the designated drivers and actually helped her navigate from the passenger seat when I could. I am not from the city originally, but I have learned quite a few street names and areas. I felt useful, and that was good.

Last weekend was the wrap up of the three-weeks of wedding activities. They did it! They tied the knot! I was surprised at how quick the ceremony actually was. I got a little lost on the way there, but it was okay. The bride looked beautiful. The Groom looked happy. They marched down the aisle to “The Imperial March,” in keeping with their Star Wars theme. The save the date card & invitation hinted it would be a part of their day. They served Breakfast for dinner at the reception. They entered the reception hall to Weird Al singing “Wrecking Ball” I knew as soon as I hear the accordion that it was a Weird Al song. It made me smile.

After the first dance, I had to run out to get my husband, again. He needed to eat, and I desperately wanted to change clothes. The shoes I had on were cute but awful. I also was having trouble with the compression pantyhose. One pair I have is really uncomfortable. The other seems better, but I didn’t need that colour that day. I tolerated them for as long as I had to.

I did have some wine at home. I wasn’t driving any more at that point. Roy drove us back, and we signed the card in the parking lot. We went in. I had a rum and coke and hit the dance floor. I requested a few songs and mingled. It is what I do at parties. ūüėÄ Roy got to meet some of the guests. The bride and groom were both happy that we both made it there for the dance. I had a shot of tequila with the groom and switched to water. I know it is important to hydrate when I am drinking, so I make a point of making sure I have water. The week before I refilled the Long Island Iced Tea glasses with water and had it in the middle. I like to drink socially, but I don’t like to go too far. It isn’t good for me to be not in control, I just like to have a few now and then. Other than my once a week wine, that happens almost every week for review purposes, to expand my own wine tasting skills, I actually don’t drink as often as I used to. I have to think about my health, and I have to be smart about it. Sometimes I will skip wine week, and go for 2 or 3 weeks without any alcohol. It depends on what is happening, and what the budget is. It might seem like I had a lot in the last few weeks, but it was out of the ordinary.

I did leave a wedding present when I found out where they were. As I was saying goodbye to the bride and groom, I told him I hoped he liked the gift. He thought I meant the gift from two weeks earlier, and his reaction was priceless! The laugh was worth it. I got them a Star Wars themed present, and lovebirds themed ornament. Since their guestbook was a painting of a tree with lovebirds, I thought it was a fitting combo.¬† ¬†I hope they liked it, and also that they have opened it by now. Otherwise, I may have spoiled a surprise, but it was a week ago, so it isn’t like they haven’t had a chance to open the gifts.

Finally, I can recap this weekend. I started to get serious about cleaning. I hosted a small BBQ potluck for a few authors. We happened to time it so they could watch the write your book draft in an hour webinar, and while I cooked on the BBQ, they watched the presentation on my laptop on the patio. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect for an outdoor BBQ.

We talked about the Kit Sora Flash Fiction contest, as 2 of the 3 Author Amigos, one being me, have already entered some of the contests. The current pic for the contest is of a woman sleeping in a nest, with eggshell pieces around her and pink feathers around her shoulders. We talked about story concepts. I then drove the other two authors home and started back at the cleaning. I have company coming soon, and it cannot be put off any longer.

I ended the day by calling my father to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. We had a nice chat. I know that I am lucky to still have both of my parents still married and alive. We don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but we are family, and that is what matters.

Well, I think that catches us up. It is a long one this week, but I had to fit in a lot of fun adventures. I hope to get back on track with these being weekly entries again, now that I am up to date.

How was your weekend? Have you attended any weddings where something memorable stuck with you? I’d love to read about it! People have so many ways of personalizing their weddings now that it is really neat to find out what others did. One of the most memorable things other than getting married during Hurricane Earl for our guests was that we had a candy bar as well as an alcohol bar at our reception. It was very popular with our guests.


Weekend Warrior #61 It is time to Catch Up!

Weekend Warrior # 37

Another late entry.  Good news is that I think things are going to slow down for a week or two. I sure hope so.  I am trying to write a book this month, and I am falling behind.

Not to fear, tomorrow is a new day, and I will start making up time and words when I have less going on in my social life.  Busy, busy, busy.  I never had such a busy year as I have this past year.  I am not sure of the exact date, but my original blogging journey started in November 2016. I am working on the website, writing a novel this month, writing down thoughts and ideas for my fantasy trilogy.  Thinking about all of that makes my head spin.

I had things that needed my attention this past weekend. I was doing a little extra time at work late last week.¬† Then I started my weekend at Houlie’s¬†with a friend.¬† He was helping me out with some rides, and I thought he deserved a thank you meal. We enjoyed the food. It is always good there.¬† There has been a long stretch of road construction in the area, and it had been a while since I had my favourite Mozza sticks. They did not disappoint.

My friend and I ran errands, and then he left me for a viewing of the Silver Wave Film Festival 2017. I needed to be at the Midnight Madness showing of killer ducks and zombie movies.  There were two short films and a 78 minute long movie.  Short film 1 was called Duck Duck Noose. It was hilarious.  I laughed all the way through it, with the rest of the audience. The title was a dead give away.  Killer ducks indeed.

The second short film was described as a trailer.  It was called Turned. It was a serious fictional documentary zombie movie trailer. It was filmed in Cape Breton (Horray for Cape Breton!) and it started with someone waking up after being bitten by a zombie.  It followed her journey home, and her change from being a human to a zombie. It tackled some deep concepts in a few short minutes, and it was enjoyable to see a different perspective on the zombie apocalypse.

The headliner was Anonymous Zombie.¬† It was filmed in New Brunswick, and my friend Kadi Oram was the¬†Special/Visual Makeup Artist for the movie.¬† I wanted to go to the movie premiere to support her and to see the movie.¬† It was great.¬† It was funny, gory, and almost spooky at times.¬† There was a lot of action and clever plot twists from the start to the end.¬† I was glad I made the effort to go and see it.¬† It is the first time I was at the festival or any official movie premiere.¬† I had not been home after work before going, so I was in my casual Friday work clothes.¬† Kadi looked fantastic! I didn’t have a lot of time to chat with her, but I made sure that I told her husband that I enjoyed the movie.¬† I sat right in front of the director.¬† I wondered if he thought that I laughed in a few parts that weren’t supposed to be funny, or not. I have a wacky sense of humour, and I laughed lots while watching the movie.¬† It was meant to be funny, so it wasn’t all serious, but sometimes I felt like I was the only one laughing at certain parts.

Onward to Saturday.¬† I volunteered at the Pet Expo with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. I was a part of a team, so my presence was only required for 3 hours. A piece of cake. or in this case, a cookie by donation.¬† ūüôā They had the giant chocolate chip and Skor bits cookies again.¬† Fantastic investment of $2.00, and it goes to the rescue.

BTRC Pet Expo 2017 5

They were huge and delicious.  I went back for more on Sunday, and they were sold out!

I was glad to help, and knowing that it was just a few hours made it easy to pitch in and do my part. Here is the booth.  They have a lot of variety!

I then went home, after the volunteering shift was over, and I was hungry. So Roy and I went to Houlie’s. (twice for me on the weekend) We got wings and nachos.¬† I didn’t forget the Mozza sticks, I never miss them. It was good, and Roy decided that he likes the breaded wings better. We got 2 flavours, and one breaded, and one not. Now we know.¬† The trick will be to remember.

We met up with the friend from earlier in the story to go and see Thor Ragnarok.  If you like this type of movie, it will be a great choice. Stan Lee had a speaking part, and was unexpected character-wise, even though he is expected to appear in all of his movies. There was a new character that was a lot of fun, too. No spoilers here, just go see it. You will be glad that you did.

Sunday had a few errands and an online write in. I did some NaNoWriMo writing in the write-in. It was a way to get back on track. I am falling behind again, but the night is young.  I am going to sign off for now.  I am sorry it was a little late this week, but that is a wrap. What did you do this weekend?



Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story; Part 23

Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story; Part 23


Trust Your Gut is a series of stories about real people with weight issues, and complications arising from those issues.  It will explain what the person is facing, what their options are, what they have decided to do to take action, and why they chose the path they are on.  Each person’s story will be based on truth, so it won’t all be happy, but it will be real.  The goal of this series is to get people talking about options that are available for people who have weight issues, on either end of the scale.  If you would like to contribute to this series, there is a contact form linked on my Homepage for this blog.  I know there are people out there that want to help people like them; as I do.


The names here may or may not reflect the person’s real name.  If someone wants to remain unknown, we will choose a different name for that person’s story.  The goal is to help people, and anonymity is a valid personal choice for contributors.  I will use a person’s name only if they give permission to do so.

This week I am pleased to share another of my own stories.

Here is  Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story; Part 23

I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to write this on time this week. ¬†I am fighting another migraine. ¬†It started yesterday and hung on for the day today. ¬†I am really hoping I can shake it off before the weekend. ( I love that song!) The last time I had a migraine the diagnosis was a sinus infection. ¬†I am really hoping that it is not the same this time because I just want to feel healthy and well, not to have to take more antibiotics.

As I write I have done what I can and have taken what I can take. I will be taking another migraine pill before bed, which will likely be shortly after I publish this story tonight.

I left work a little early, which I signed up to do since I am not feeling so good. ¬†I try to work my regular shifts and even do a little overtime when it is offered, so if I am looking to leave early, it is usually because I don’t feel well or there is something going on that I need to leave early for. ¬†If I have company, for example. ¬†That happened a few times this month. ¬†I think today was the 5th time of the year that I left early. ¬†Some people sign the paper to go home every day. ¬†I can’t afford to go home early all of the time, but if it is necessary, then I make a decision to do it.

I have tried to stay on plan for the early part of the week, but when I am not feeling good, the lazy way wins.  I did not eat well for some of the meals I had this week.  Today was one of those days that I went off plan for supper.

If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon that is called “Chase The Ace” then you are missing out on something fun. ¬†It is a lottery, so if you don’t gamble, it is not for you. ¬†It does usually get run by a charity though, so if you wanted to donate the winnings back to the charity, that would be an option that you could still play if you don’t accept the prize for yourself.

There are a few of these events going on in the city, and all over the Maritimes. ¬†You purchase tickets, and there is a growing jackpot. ¬†There is a weekly prize amount, based on the number of tickets sold. ¬†A certain percentage goes to the charity, and a certain amount is the jackpot. ¬†The weekly prize is what you win if you don’t pick the Ace of Spades out of the remaining cards in the deck every week.

So if your ticket is drawn, you get to pick a card from the table. ¬†If you pick the Ace of Spades, you win the jackpot. If you pick any other card, you win the weekly prize. ¬†This week someone else picked another card, so next week we get to try again to “Chase the Ace.” The charity that is running the event that I go to is three local SPCA shelters and another animal rescue. ¬†I am a person who loves animals, so I like going when I get the chance.

I took my migraine medicine and had a nap when I got home today. ¬†I woke up in time to go to the Chase The Ace at Houlie’s Hometown Pub. ¬†The food there is excellent. ¬†I wasn’t feeling great, but I said to my husband, “Even zombies have to eat, ” and we decided to go. ¬†He only has every third Thursday off, and we have gone a few other times.

I REALLY enjoy the Mozza sticks there. ¬†In fact, I don’t even want to share them, they are that good. ¬†I have had the nachos and a pulled pork wrap with sweet potato fries there before. ¬†I have heard that the seafood chowder is amazing, and I wanted to try it tonight, but I will have to wait for another time, as it was sold out. ¬†I opted to try the fish and chips and had sweet potato fries instead of traditional fries. ¬†Sweet potato fries are on plan, so I sort of did OK. (I tried. I don’t feel good. ¬†Eating with a migraine is a gamble in itself).

I have been watching MasterChef again. ¬†I tapped the batter with my fork, and it sounded like it did when Gordon Ramsay did it on TV. ¬†I cut into the first piece of fish, and just like on MasterChef, the fish was flaky and glistening. ¬†It was really tasty, too. ¬†I was eating my supper, and a thought occurred to me. ¬†Pepere, my grandfather on my mother’s side, always said something when we were having a meal with fish. ¬†He would always say, “Fish for brains!” ¬†My hope is that the fish will help my brains feel better and lose the migraine. ¬†It also can be loosely thought to reflect the zombie comment I had earlier said about going out for supper.

We didn’t have a jackpot winner this week so the chasing will continue at least for one more week. ¬†The jackpot was around $4,800.00 tonight and will be higher next week. ¬†I did get to see some friends and support a charity tonight. ¬†I also had a delicious meal, and now I have a full belly to fuel me to start feeling better and work harder tomorrow. ¬†Something was telling me to eat fish at supper tonight. ¬†So even if it was off plan, it was a choice I made and I think it was the right one.