Makeup Monday |My Spring 2019 Look After The Votes Are In!

Makeup Monday |My Spring 2019 Look After The Votes Are In!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a Makeup Monday blog, to get your opinions on what I should assemble for My Spring 2019 Look. I sent out a request for people to vote on eye shadow and nail polish. Here are the choices.

Makeup Monday Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art
Makeup Monday Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art
Makeup Monday Nailpolish Details
Makeup Monday Nailpolish Details

The votes are in!

First, I want to tell you about the other products I will be wearing. I bought a new foundation, a new mascara, and a new lipstick. They are going to complete the look.

Most of the products in the picture have been used before, however, I am sharing a comprehensive list for you. Since there were 2 ties, one for each survey, I got to choose between them. The next Makeup Monday is already being planned…and you can expect to see more new products with the other winning votes on May 20th, two weeks from now. (EDIT: It will be on May 27th, I was not able to get it completed by May 20th). I may be out of new makeup to try after the next Makeup Monday for a while, but I will write more in the future. Make sure you keep watching for new blogs like this in the future.

The List of Products

  • 1 Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller
  • 2 Vichy Aqua Thermal Light Moisturizer
  • 3 Clinique Cheek/ Blush Pop 01 Ginger Pop
  • 4 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour 172 Rose Bold WINNER
  • 5 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon Top Coat 2700-95 Nude WINNER
  • 6 Purple Blending Sponge
  • 7 Blush Brush
  • 8 Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art 090 Burnished Bling WINNER
  • 9 Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner Expresso
  • 10 Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara
  • 11 Bourjois Paris BB Gloss 02
  • 12 Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation 110 Porcelain
  • 13 Essence Eyeshadow Base Primer
  • 14 Concealer Brush
  • 15 NYX Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

I often wear lip stain, but for today’s spring look, a tinted gloss is just perfect. The only issue with gloss is reapplication, and it is not something I want to have to worry about all the time. For this look, it works. In these first two pics, I am reflecting on the new Spring Look for 2019.

I now have a dilemma.

With the new pics, I will have to choose which one to use as my new profile pic, and which one to use on my Instagram Account.

I am happy with the new foundation. It went on smooth with the blending sponge. The colour suits my skin tone. I am trying this mascara for the first time. I love the brush shape. The mascara is a little flaky, so it will not be my first choice.

Here is the winning manicure picture.

Makeup Monday Spring Look 2019 Nails
Makeup Monday Spring Look 2019 Nails

There it is! I have fun learning about makeup, and sharing my adventures here. Remember, there is a new one coming in 3 weeks, on May 27th, with my other new look for spring 2019. Got to love a double tie!

What do you think of this look? Please let me know in the comments below.