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This is where you can read about Tish MacWebber’s published and upcoming books. Tish MacWebber has a logo of Always Thinking…and she really is! Her purpose is writing. She is not limiting herself to any particular genre, what would be the fun in that? 

Fiction by Tish MacWebber:

From Where I am Sitting…

“All books should have at least one talking cat in them.” My friend believed this with all of her heart. After she lost her battle with cancer, I was inspired to write this book to honour her. Based on her quote, it was written from the point of view of the different cats in my life, including 2 chapters about my friend’s cats. A funny, heartwarming read, containing tales which may or may not reflect the whole truth; written in their different voices, to make it authentic, at least in terms of a fictional, humorous memoir, narrated by cats.      

Simba, continually amazed by everything. Rascal, a cool cat with a lot of charisma. Mistletoe wrapped everyone around her little paw. Lucy the quirky queen, and Dude, who had a fan club and loved beer. This group of cats lived legendary lives, and they can’t wait for you to read about their adventures! 

NonFiction by Tish MacWebber:


#Tishspiration: The Art Of Surprising Yourself

Tish MacWebber has been full of surprises her entire life. When she became so skilled she was even surprising herself with what she could accomplish, she realized her concept, #Tishspiration was something she had to share. After exploring the word, defining it, and putting it into action, the more people she told about #Tishspiration, the more they wanted to know. In this book, you will follow Tish’s journey, learn the basics of her concept, and become aware of how to add #Tishspiration to your life. Your first surprise will be the introduction, and it is only the beginning!

What is that one thing you dream about doing, maybe for as long as you can remember, but you lack the courage to try because you are scared to fail? Inside this book, you will discover the path Tish followed to lead her to try things she never thought she would get a chance to do. You will also discover the thing that is standing in your way of claiming your dreams, and learn the art of surprising yourself as you learn what it will take for you to join the dream claimers of the world. If you pick this book, something is telling you to read it, and Tish MacWebber encourages you to follow that instinct.

Anthologies including contributions by Tish MacWebber:

Under The Mists

Under The Mists


Take a journey to the sea where mermaids seek vengeance upon arrogant humans and ruthless pirates refuse to heed the Harbinger warning. A dip into the forest reveals a tree holding the evil of all mankind, while a naive woman becomes enthralled with the idea of building a fairy home only to be taken in by the wiles of a deceptive changling. Meanwhile, a mission turns awry when Fae from Summer and Winter Courts stumble upon a rogue and her army. Finally, a determined King steps into the darkness to reclaim the power of Air for his people.

Discover six emerging authors who bring you tales from the troubled Dark Fae when you dive “Under the Mists”

Through The Sunshine

Through The Sunshine

Ten stories focused on light fae. 

Featuring: Tish MacWebber – Operation Let It Glow A continuation of Tish’s story from Under the Mists.

Meet Sandy’s friends Cherry, Shimmer, Boomer and Lila as they come together to help Clara break free of Ruby the witch’s evil plan to build an army; one cupcake at a time. Witness the introduction of Pumpkin the cat as she joins the team to lure Ludvick von Hairball to the light from the dark.

The light fae army moves to counter the witch Ruby’s plans.  Will it be light or dark that wins? 

Nightmare Whispers What Remains Volume 3

Nightmare Whispers What Remains Volume 3

Fae Corps Publishing Presents 8 tales of psychological horror that ask the question “how do you fight the enemy within?” Featuring poetry, prose and art by new and established authors from around the world. Nightmare Whispers Volume 3: What Remains is 132 unsettling pages that trap your mind on a journey through fantasy into cyberpunk for a gut punch of terror.

Read 8 Breathtaking Tales including:
Web of Nightmares by Tish MacWebber.

Ludvick von Hairball has been having nightmares. Clara calls Sandy in a panic when she finds him sleeping and she can’t wake him up. Amberlee Moonstone is summoned to assist the team to save Ludvick von Hairball, before it is too late.

In a world where fairies and humans walk side by side, a clever cat romps through life in this suspenseful tale where reality takes a back seat to the world of dreams.

Nightmare Whispers Volume 3: What Remains
Peer into the shadows of doubt


Nightmare Whispers The Collection

A Collection of the complete Nightmare Whispers Series:

Nightmare Whispers Volume 1:
The Darkness Within
Anger Mirrors Pain.

Nightmare Whispers Volume 2:
Madness Echoes
Darkness can wear your face.

Nightmare Whispers Volume 3:
What Remains
Peer into the shadows of doubt.

Tish MacWebber contributed “Web Of Nightmares” to Volume 3 of this collection. It is another story in the series she is writing in the Fae Themed Anthologies published by Fae Corps Inc.


Faery Playground

Faery Playground

Come seek the children where they play and learn the lessons of the Fae. Stories, poems and art combine to paint a picture most sublime. In Faery Playground you will find the darkness stalks all faery kind.

Including 9 New Tales, featuring

Lost and Found by Tish MacWebber: An innocent game of hide and seek leads fae children to learn about the mystery that caused their elders to join the fight against evil. Cherry finds herself unsettled as she is faery sitting her niece and nephew. She recalls the reason she joined the Light Fae Army, while telling them a bedtime story. Slate and Myra learn how dangerous a childhood game can be if you don’t follow the rules of the fae…

Coffee House Writers 2020 Anthology Volume 2 Fiction

Coffee House Writers 2020 Anthology Volume 2: Fiction

Founded in 2017, Coffee House Writers has been a welcoming community for writers of all genres since its inception. In Volume 2 of this set of anthologies, over two dozen authors have shared creative fictional short stories with the world. From heartwarming stories about family to mysterious horror pieces and fantasy worlds full of wonder, there is a bit of everything in this collection.

Tish MacWebber has contributed the story “Candy” to this 2020 Anthology. In it, she explores the idea of a unicorn trapped inside of a dragon’s body, in a whimsical way. Candy has felt wrong for as long as she can remember. She is a dragon, but dreams of running wild and free as a unicorn when she sleeps.

This story will be included in the upcoming fantasy trilogy author Tish MacWebber is currently writing.


Why I Write

If I am being honest, I have been writing for most of my life. Whether it was journalling, song lyrics, poetry, blogging, short stories or creative writing, it has always been a passion of mine. When I discovered it was the reason I am here, to write and share my stories with the world,  I wanted to write a fantasy trilogy. As a new author, I decided to try out this book writing passion to see if I could actually write a book. I did. Now I plan to write many more.