Disclaimer: Are you wearing your shades? The sparkles on this page may damage your eyes!
Tish Mac Webber | Always Blinging…

Introducing BOOK BLING! As a jewellery designer, Tish Mac Webber wants to create a limited collection of jewellery for every book launch. She is pictured here, on the left with the Cat Tales Jewellery Collection directly in front of her.
Tish MacWebber’s concept for this collection was a metal ball, created in the style of a ball of yarn, with a bell inside. Dangling from a black, cotton string, this necklace then doubles as a cat toy! Please be careful and supervise your cat if you choose to try it out, Tish is not responsible for any injuries if the necklace is used for the secondary purpose of a cat toy.

Tish MacWebber | Always Blinging…

Brilliant Bling

Here you will find the very best Tish MacWebber Always Blinging…has to offer. Not to say that she ever shares anything less than her best work, but these pieces are the best of the best!

Below is a Gallery of her Brilliant Bling. If something tickles your fancy, please do head over to the Boutique to make it yours! Some items are one of a kind, so if you miss your chance, it may not come again.

To be fair, Tish MacWebber Always Blinging…specializes in custom orders. If you missed your chance at the piece which stole your heart, Tish will work with you to create something equally lovely in its place. It’s what she loves to do!

Jewellery Designing is her passion. Let Tish MacWebber Always Blinging… surprise you!